Cannot install sample applications due to platform version issues

I tried to install some of the recent sample applications that have been uploaded to the Developer Resources site.

I received the following error message when I tried to install them from a file:

“Application package cannot be installed, for the following reasons:
This package cannot be installed. It was originally published in a later version of the platform.”

We have an on premise version of AgileApps and are on version 10.7.x.

I know the current version of AgileApps is 10.8.x.

I assume this error message is coming from us running on an older version of the platform.

This is problematic for a couple of reasons:

  1. In order to use new sample applications, we are required to upgrade our AgileApps platform. This may not be possible to do in the short term.

  2. I can see this as being a potential problem in the future when we are deploying applications from our Test environment to our Production environment. Our normal process is that we will upgrade to the new version of AgileApps in our Test environment first, and run it there for a week or so, to make sure we do not experience any problems. Then we would upgrade the Production environment. Let’s say we have upgraded from 10.7.x to 10.8.x in Test. Does this mean we will no longer be able to deploy packages from Test to Production until Production has been upgraded to 10.8.x? If this is a case, that can cause a problem, as we would be stopped from doing any deployments to Production when the versions are different.

Are there any plans to get rid of this version dependency issue?

Hi Howard,

Apologies for a delayed reply on this topic.

You have raised an important issue which we need to think about from the perspective of all our on-premise customers who could benefit from these sample applications on the marketplace.

To make the marketplace applications useful to all our on-premise customers who could be on various older versions of the platform, we will have to most likely make older versions of these apps available to download and install. However, for this to happen we would need to change how we show you the current listing of the apps.

Meanwhile on a different note, will it make sense for you to have another development environment which is always synced to the latest version on the cloud that will help you to plan your upgrade to the latest version whenever you see some new features that will be useful to you. This IMO will help you plan your upgrades better. This will also help you to install the marketplace apps in this new dev environment and using Data Export/Import functionality you should be able to recreate these apps manually as well.