Cannot delete Life cycle model (Dead lock scenario)

Hi Everyone

I have a scenario where I need to delete a LCM. I have multiple versions of a LCM. The version1 LCM is in retired state and has associations with few asset types. Later versions of this LCM are in new state.

The problem is I cannot delete the version1 LCM because it is associated with asset types and also I cannot remove the association between LCM and asset type because the LCM is in retired state.

If I try to delete later versions of this LCM because this in turn tries to delete version1 LCM.

It is looks like a dead lock situation.

Is there any way I can delete the LCM?

Please suggest.


I am wondering why you want to delete the retired LCM v1? There might be assets in CentraSite that are still using this LCM. “Retired” only means that newly created assets will not use this LCM.

The LCM working is still Development. I wanted to start from scratch again for a cleaner approach. I agree that it is not causing any problem since it is in retired state. But its not pretty to keep 3 LCMs which are not in productive state.