Cannot connect to windows share drive with SMB

We are trying to connect to Windows Share drive from webMethods Active transfer using SMB protocol. But we are getting below error.

“Connection failed STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME (0xc00000cc): Could not connect to \*****.com\Common”

But we are able to connect to this share drive with Windows Explorer.

We have created dedicated service account with full access to this share drive with SMB.
Please provide suggestions.

Hi Viineet,

this might be a proxy issue.

Did you check if the SMB share can be reached via proxy.
Windows itself might know about the proxy be default, but ActiveTransfer needs to be configured to be aware of the proxy.


Do mean adding proxy from IS Admin page ? I am not aware if we need to access it via proxy. I f I put the same shared drive in windows machine via widows file explorer where Active transfer is installed then I can reach the directory. Also, I do not see any proxy alias option after selecting SMB in VFS. I can see proxy option for ftp, sftp…

As I am not using Active Transfer I am not able to help you further.

Are there any more detailed error messages then just the BAD_NETWORK?
Or do you have to mount the SMB-Share to a local drive letter?

Just some ideas.


Please check if firewall connectivity is required from your AT(ActiveTransfer) server to windows LB/host name (i.e. *.com)
You may ask your networks to do packet capture while you initiate traffic and try to connect from your AT server to *.com.

You should see the proxy option when you select remote path in the VF creation page. There you can configure a proxy (check again with your networks team if you need proxy or not).
On the same page you should see ‘Test Connection’ button to validate the connectivity to the *.com server.
Generate traffic by clicking on this button and simultaneously ask network to validate the hits by doing packet capture.


Hi Vinsin,

Have you managed to increase the logging level of ActiveTransfer log, reproduce and check if there was any useful logging that will help you to understand details on what’s going on?