Cannot connect to WebDav Server

I am tryingto connect to tamino webdav server using simple class and Iam getting
Java.langRuntimeException: Operation timed out :
Please help me

Could you explain in more detail, what you’re trying to do? Maybe post some sample code?

Do you try to connect to a webdavserver with the Tamino API for Java with a TConnection (e.g. to URL http://localhost/taminowebdavserver)? This will not work, because the webdav server “talks” the Webdav protocol and does not behave like a Tamino database directly (e.g. like http://localhost/tamino/mydb).

If this is not the problem, you may want to check, if the webdavserver is reachable. In order to do that
open the Webdav URL (e.g. http://localhost/taminowebdavserver or http://localhost:4000/taminowebdavserver) in your browser. You should see a directory listing, which contains at least an administration directory.

Hope this helps…

yes I am using java API, and now I can connect to webdav but I am getting new Runtime exception “proppatch faild with 423 null” if u know what this meen please let me know


I just installed taminowebdavserver on my Win XP box. The installation went smoothly but I cannot coonet to localhost/taminowebdavserver because it continually prompts me for the username and password in the Tamino WebDAV Server realm. Nothing I enter seems to satisfy it. I used the default Tomcat (4.1.18) on port 4000, although I have 5.0.19 installed on port 8080. Apache2 httpd.conf was modified.

I know how to manipulate tomcat realms, security roles, etc. but this one has stumped me. Please help!