Can we do migration work from wM 4.6 to wM 6.5 directly?


Can we do the migration work from wM 4.6 to wM 6.5 directly?

If so can you give me some steps for the same…

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There is a document on Advantage titled “webMethods Integration Server: Upgrading from 4.x to 6.5”. It can be easily located by following Bookshelf | Upgrade Dcoumentation on the Advantage menu.

Hi Venkatesh,
I’ve migrated our wM stack from 4.6 to 6.5 about 8 months ago. If you got some question, gon and ask for them :slight_smile:



We are planning to upgrade from 4.6 to 6.5 . Its a complete B2B upgrade (EDI ,EDIINT ,RN ) . Can any one share the techincal challeges we need to consider for estimating the whole effort . I have included some of the them based on my study .

Existing webMethods Suite of Products

B2B Server 4.6
Trading Networks 4.6
EDI 4.6, EDIINT 4.6, Rosettanet PIP 4.6
SAP Adapter 4.6
wmDB 4.6 Adapter

Proposed webMethods Suite of Products

Integration Server 6.5 SP1
Trading Networks 6.5
Modeler : 6.5.1
EDI 6.5.2 .EDIINT 6.5, Rosettanet PIP Tools 6.0.1
SAP Adapter 6.5
Monitor 6.5
wmDB 6.5 adapter ( Recommended to use JDBC Adapter package )
My webMethods Server

Technical Challenges /Major factors which need to considered

SAP Adapter
In 6.5, WmPartners is no longer a part of Integration Server and it has been included in SAP Adapter 6.5.

There is no direct upgrade from SAP Adapter 4.6 to webMethods Adapter 6.5

Conversation Scripts have been replaced by Process Models in webMethods 6.5


6.5 webMethods components use flat file schemas instead of templates

Concept of record no longer available in webMethods 6.5 .It has been replaced by document (Impact needs to be analyzed ,if this effects the mapping services )


Upgrade services are required to make the Integration Server 4.6 services to run with the 6.x Adapter Runtime.

Deprecated webMethods Services /Java Services

For certain components there is no direct upgrade path ( For example we need to upgrade to Modeler 6.1.5 and from Modeler 6.1.5 to Modeler 6.5.1.

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Just to add to my above post . I have already gone through the existing upgrade documentation available on advantage. I wanted to know if any one can share there practical experience …


Your summary is quite excellent. I think you’ve captured the items of note quite nicely.

“Concept of record no longer available in webMethods 6.5 .It has been replaced by document (Impact needs to be analyzed ,if this effects the mapping services )”

There is no impact. It is simply a name change to refer to them as documents instead of records.

“Deprecated webMethods Services /Java Services”

In this context, there is no meaningful difference between a FLOW service and a Java service. You can take your time on switching these over to the replacement services as the deprecated services still exist and are functional. You just can’t easily use them in new or updated services as they are hidden from the pick lists. There are ways to still use them but you probably don’t need to do that.

Good luck with your upgrade!


Generic service to find deprecated service in the wM environment?

I would like to write one generic service which has to find what are the deprecated services are used/present in the particular wM environment.

For Example,
if i have the generic service in wM6.5, it should display what are the deprecated services are present in all flow and java services…
Output Expected :
1) service name with name space and
2) deprecate service (list) used with in the service

any ideas? Is there any admin service used to find deprecated service in the environment?

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try this (more or less what we’ve done)

  1. login to IS server (hope this is unix)
  2. cd IS/packages
  3. find . -name flow.xml -exec grep “…what you’re looking for…” {} ;

You can place the FQSN as pattern.

Learning to grep over packages files has saved me from headache many times…


Thanks Sandro-

Its unix flavours only… are you expecting me to run this only right?
find . -name flow.xml -exec grep pub.list:appendToRecordList

Is that any way to run all the deprecated service list in one shot…?

you can use regexp, if grep supports them; man grep for help.


Thanks for your inputs!!

I think you might be assuming that deprecated services are marked as such. AFAIK, they are not. The documentation identifies deprecated services, but the services themselves do not carry any indicator.

Thus, your script can search for all of the deprecated services in one shot–if you structure the script to know what all of them are (config file or something).

Attached a doc I’ve written during our migration, about deprecated services and their replacement. Hope this helps.
Deprecated_Services.txt (1.13 KB)

What is the experience of those migrating from 4.x to 6.5 on the time it takes from begining to end. We have approximately 30 WM packages with some Java based services, nothing special just plain old packages.

I have consulted with the Advantage migration document that outlines 8 what seems to be very easy steps to migrate. Is it that easy ?

Your feedback is appreciated !

we were able to migrade DEV/QA/PROD in a month. but a great previous work on pilot tests was performed to check for deprecated services, etc.

Most of the time was spent on tests with end users, since the upgrade is pretty straightforward: import old packages, recompile java services if you change JVM, configure triggers/broker/adapter as needed, and then test.


EDI Adapter, MQ Adapter, and TN DB will have the most impact on the upgrade as there are changes you will need to make to the flow services if you use EDI and MQ. All your TN DB data will need to be migrated over and verified in 6.5. Most of other flow/java services should have no problems migrating to 6.5.