Can Tamino store a document with X-include statement


I have a prospect that is trying to store a document into Tamino that has an X-include statement. The document seems to store, but it is not storing the x-include XML file, only the reference name.

Does Tamino support X-include statements?


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Hi Brian

I suppose you?re referring to XML include (see !?

The bad news: so far Tamino does not support XML include.

The good news: it might be easy to extend Tamino e.g. using server extensions to provide some support.

Here are some questions:

- What exactly would you like Tamino to do with an XML include statement?
Retrieve it from a network location ?
If yes:
1.) Store it in Tamino in a separate doctype ?
=> possible using a server extension
2.) Insert it in the including document ?
=> not yet possible as Tamino does not yet provide transforming triggers
3.) Do something else ?

- Will the XML include statement always occur at the same logical node in your intended scenario ?
1.)If yes: triggers might be used

2.)If no: at least more difficult to use triggers (but still possible)

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Hello Brian,
an probably easier to handle support for xinclude can be achieved by XQuery directly.
If you store the included document in Tamino with the docname of its href value, you
can join the 2 documents by XQuery.
Here is an example for the documents contained in the spec

- <![CDATA[
declare namespace tf = ""
declare namespace xi = ""
for $d in input()/document
$d/node() [local-name(.) != "include" ],
for $di in input()/disclaimer
where $d/xi:include/@href = tf:getDocname(root($di))
return $di

- <ino:message ino:returnvalue=“0”>
ino:messagelineXQuery Request processing</ino:messageline>
- <xq:result xmlns:xq=“”>

120 Mz is adequate for an average home user.


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