Can Remedy Adapters be used to integrate with Cloud Based AR System

Can Remedy Adapters be used to integrate with Cloud Based AR System? I am aware that Adapters are used to integrate with Standalone system but same can be followed in case of cloud based AR System.
Pleaes reply

Hi Vipin,

please check webMethods Adapters Requirements guide if it contains the appropriate informations.

If you have the matching supported versions of Remedy API Jars available and you can reach the AR system from your IS IntegrationServer there should be no real issues.
Make sure to have the right fixes applied to IS_Core, AdapterRuntime and RemedyAdapter.
See readmes for details.


Thanks Holger for reply!!

I don’t find any appropriate information in webmethods Remedy Adapter Guide.

Please advice if its okay to use Remedy Adapters to integrate with Could Based AR System.


Hi Vipin,

as pointed out in my previous post:
As long as you have the appropriate Jars available (they are listed in the webMethods_Adapters_System_Requirements Guide) and you are able to reach the AR System in the Cloud from your IntegrationServer box, you should be able to configure an AdapterConnection to this AR System.

When you encounter issues or difficulties by trying to connect to this AR instance you should open an Incident in Empower to get the Support Team involved.

Which version of wM are you running on?