Can not open Work File in NaturalONE Community Edition (Docker)

Hello everybody,

I am using NaturalONE Community Edition Version 9.2.1 on Windows 10 and the container versions of ADABAS (7.1.1) and of the NATURAL runtime (9.2.1).

I was trying to open a work file in an Natural program in the same fashion as posted here:
Work Files with NaturalOne over docker. Insofar I am aware that the container is based on Linux and not Windows.

So, my program looks like this:

The file TEXT1.TXT I created via the context menu of the library TRAINING → New → File. The content of the file is ‘ABCD’. I saved the file and Build the project. Now the project looks like this:

When I started the Natural Docker Container I mounted /opt/softwareag/Natural/fuser to the directory E:\NatONE\natural-ce-m\ on my Windows PC, and I can see the file TEXT1.TXT in the Windows Explorer:


But when running the program I am getting this error:

I also tried the following: I copied the file TEXT1.TXT manually into E:\NatONE\natural-ce-m, so it is on the main level which should be represented by /opt/softwareag/Natural/fuser/ within the container. Then I changed the path to the workfile as follows:

But I am still getting the same error.

Leaves me clueless, at the moment. So, any advice on this matter will be very much appreciated.

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Silly question but your define work file refers to #11 and the read work refers to #1

Perhaps they should both be the same?


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Hi James,

yes, you are right, that was the problem. I should have seen this myself, but sometimes one does not see the wood for the trees. Also a copy and paste thing here as combined two programs.

Thanks a lot anyway, for taking your time and having a look at it. That made my day.

Just want to add, that both methods work: Creating a file as a project resource thru the context menu in the SAG Designer as well as just copying it via the file system into a place which Natural in a Docker container can access. Might be interesting for others.

Best Regards,

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