Can not config SVN repository in Subversion Repository Location field.

Hi everybody,
I faced an error when try to config VCS in Integration Server. I can not add SVN repository in Subversion Repository Location field.
Error in subversion configuration” always display when I save configuration, like image attachment.
I searched around but there is no real solution for it.
With this error message, I can not get root cause, so have no idea to fix it.

**IS version: 9.6
**Subversion version: 3.9.1

Anyone experience it ?
Thanks so much.

Hi Duc,

unfortunately the VCS feeature for SubVersion requires a very specific configuration on the Subversion Server side.
This results in the circumstance that this feature can not deal with https:-based repository URLs, only svn:-based ones.

Did you check the “Configuring the VCS feature” Guide for details.

As I am not hosting our SubVersion service but a different department, it is very difficult to get the required configurations set on their side.
Therefore we are currently not using this feature but are hoping to switch to Local Service Development soon.