Can Anyone tell me About adapter for MS EXCEL

If there is any adapter to link to MS Excel files, then I would like to buy it for my Client… Can anyone tell me if there is one already existing or we would need to create an adapter taking IO Adapter as base.

There is no Excel adapter available in webMethods product line. Custom adapter may not work here as a feasibile solution as there is no API available to process Excel files.

The better option could be to write a VBA code, read the Excel sheets and use COM library as API to publish events.

I think there are Excel API’s available… and I am not sure if there will be any problems in using those API’s… Can you think of this as a solution… Check the details for the API at

Take a look at the ActiveX/COM libraries that wM provides for ES. Ships with the base system.

You should be able to use ODBC adapter to connect to any excel file. I had done several demos years ago using ODBC adapter to read excel files.

I have used JDBC-ODBC bridge in java to read from Excel files. Hope this helps.

As I know there is no Excel Adapter available by webMethods. I’ve written an adapter that uses the COM+ API used by MS Office products. I would recommend to write a custom adapter and use the available ActiveX API, because that way you’ve more features than using the ODBC (think Macro’s, etc.).

Be cautious about using the JDBC-ODBC bridge for anything. The common bridge that circulates is not thread-safe and can cause a variety of seemingly random symptoms.

Maybe you should try and wrap HSSF of POI project inside your java code? Only heard about it, no personal experience:

I had used jxl.jar file for one of my requirements earlier. The requirement was to convert an excel sheet (.xls file) to .xml file and vice-versa. I had downloaded the jxl.jar file from wmusers site only and imported jxl.* in my Java service to use its API. You can use the classes like WritableWorkbook, WritableSheet etc. to write to Excel sheet.

Hi ,

Itemfield’s ContentMaster is fully equipped to parse/serialize any binary/textual format (one of which is MS Excel) into any other format.

Itemfield is a new webMethods partner. Its unique “Example-Based Parsing” technology offers an intuitive graphical development environment for easy creation of parser scripts.

ContentMaster is easily integrated into WM. See for more details.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Meitav Harpaz

Itemfield looks promising, but it isn’t free. If you’re under budget contraints, and only need Excel files, the POI stuff is the way to go.