calling a service and changing username

I created a web service. This web service is called by a client. A create a user in mws and create an ACL in IS. I gave execution permission et read execution to my web service to the ACL and I put my user in ACL.

When I call the WS by a clent, no problem.

But this web service call another web service coming from another package and when I start my ws with administrator user, no probleme but if I do it with my specific user (created) I have a denied authorizaton.

I wonder how th change user during a call of a flow service

Hi Vital,

can you provide an outline of which user is in which ACL assigned to which webservice?

When using pub.client:soapClient to invoke the WS you can provide user credentials along with the payload.

Having local/Administrators group (or any other group which contains the user used for the remote server definition) in each custom ACL for custom WebService is essential when using Deployer for deployments other wise the ACLs will not be assigned correctly to the services on the target instance.