Call wM from Oracle 8i

Hi experts, I have a problem 4U:

I need to call a wm service from Oracle 8i. One option was UTL_HTP.REQUEST Oracle function, but in 8i version this can only to a GET request, no authentication, and can send a buffer to max 32k data.

For some while this was good enough, now our requirements are developing so this solution doesn’t fit anymore. Instead I was thinking to javaload client.jar in Oracle and use Developer generated code to call my service using full wM standard java code. Good idea, to bad that seams not working just so fine. Loading clienr.jar give me lots of errors like:

ORA-29534: referenced object could not be resolved 
ORA-29534: referenced object could not be resolved 
ORA-29534: referenced object could not be resolved 

Some classes are OK, but the one I need,, is not loaded. It seams some other thing is missing there, and do not understand why DEVELOPER word is placed before the name of the missing class!!!

Any idea what to do? Someone has already used client.jar to make calls to wm?


As you probably have determined, the classes you are looking for are definitely included in the client.jar file. Something in the Oracle class loader is having trouble with the jar. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “loading the jar” assume this is something you have to do to make the classes available to be called as a java “procedure” from within PL/SQL.

What JVM are you using inside your Oracle 8i instance? In the past, I think it used a really old JVM (1.2.2?). If that is still the case, it might explain this behavior.

Is “DEVELOPER” the name of your schema or login id perhaps? That may be why Oracle is prepending it to your classnames.


Hi Mark,

Yes, I think you are right about DEVELOPER prefix, as a matter of fact my DB user/schema name is DEVELOPER, I was mislead thinking at the wM Developer (I’ve got the client.jar from Developer’s lib directory :slight_smile:

As you can imagine I am not an expert of Oracle DB Administration, for me javaload is an Oracle utility used to load java code to DB and to give somehow access to java classes from pl/sql procedures.

As far as I got with my investigations, it seams some client.jar classes cannot reference javax.mail package. I think wM is using javax.mail.internet lib, for ex. Mime related classes, and of course this is exactly what I need in order to get my http call working!

I’m not sure about Oracle’s JVM, I am looking for articles about it on the net. For me Oracle 8i is using a JVM running under the database kernel.

At this point if someone could share his experience about calling wM service from Oracle pl/sql I would be happy with any working solution I’ll find out.


I’ve loaded mail.jar into Oracle also. Now I found out that something else is missing. It seams some client.jar classes are referencing,TransliterationRule and more.

Where are this classes coming from?

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I use Oracle 9i and the UTI_HTTP package works just fine with wM 6.x
I can invoke a service with a url and pass in data (string, xml etc) via HTTP POST.

My suggestion is you upgrade to 9i.

It would be a great help if you could paste you sample code to invoke wM 6.x services from pl/sql. I am exactly looking for the same thing. Or in case if it is not at all possible, you can refer me to sample code site. Thank you very much in advance.