CAI Automated GUI Testing

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does anybody have a suggestion which gui test tool to use in order to test ones CAI GUIs.
I tried Selenium but it seems not to be able to click CAI Buttons.
Anybody here who has some experience with one or the other tool.
Using Mercury QTP works “fine” but is expensive.

Another thing is that CAI does not support fixed unique IDs for the controls, this makes Scripts for automated test fragile (the ids CAI generates change if the xml Layout changes and the html is regenerated)

Is SAG planing to provide an Attribute for all controls that allows the developer to assign an id (or something the test tool can use to identify the control: name, …) himself?

Is there a SAG test best practice?

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…we just collect info; yes, we are doing “through the screen tests” itnernally. + there are also customers using Mercury for autaomated UI testing. I hope the “info collection” will come to a result soon which I can post as reply…



this is what a colleague wrote to me…:

For CAI GUI testing, we use Mercury QTP without any major problems. Regression testing works well and is indeed efficient.
For object identification, we basically use the defaults (HTML tag, innertext, file name (for images), etc.). Properties like implementation dependent HTML id’s are not used and are not recommendable. In certain cases where identical controls occur multiple times, an index can be used - if reproducibility is “guaranteed”. For tables with varying content, sometimes scripting is required using column and row numbers.

Hope this is of interest for you.

And: there are no plans currently to have “stalble ids” as you require. Does not mean that this is a non-valid request! This is just to tell that we are not currently working on this issue.


Hi Bj


I think it’s the best to address the requirement now through an official channel. Could you pls contact your “Software AG” contact person?

Thx, Bjoern