CAF Portlet Search/Results help

I have developed a CAF portlet application using the search/results template, wiring the seach panel to the results panel. I am retrieving the data from a custom table via a soap web service built around a custom IS service. Everythng is working as needed and as built from the CAF Search Application Portlet Project Tutuorial.

However, I would like to expand on this portlet by allowing the user to click on specific row within the results table and display the full results on another panel. I have tried this with a portlet link and with a hidden panel on the same results view but nothing seems to work.

I know this is possible as I see it done in quite a few of the “base” views within MWS such as process instances by clicking on the spy glass icon.

I am very new to CAF applications so any help would be appreciated. I would also prefer to utilize the search/results template as well since this will allow the users to save specific queries and also has export capabilites already built in.


Could you please have a look at the code samples and see if they might assist you with this use case? In particular i was thinking of: