wM designer query

I have created a portlet. It has 3 text boxes and a async command button. I named it as search button. I have created WS connectivity with developer and when you click search button results are displayed in a async table. Its working fine. The table has 4 columns. The first column is the unique identifier of that particular record. So its displayed as hyperlink.(i used command link). when you click that hyperlink some JDBC operation has to take place ie some values needs to be retieved from some other table and the results should be displayed in next page.

This is the scenario im working now. I used a hidden field. when i click that particular hyperlink the value will be set in that hidden filed and im pasing the value to next page. In target portlet i established WS connectivity and results are displayed in table. The problem is its not doing automatically. only when u perform some action its displaying the results.

In HTML we have onLoad event with which we can call some action while loading. Is there anything like that here. or how to populate values automatically while loading.

Otherwise please suggest alternative approach