Wiring or Filter


I have problems to implement wiring and filtering rows in a search result table.

I’ve two portlets: the search bar and the search results portlets (with a search result table) which are wired through a preference property . All this was done following the instructions in the CAF development Help guide.

The value input in the preference its passed to the search result portlet, I can see the value of “Query String” in the search result portlet, but nothing happens (search or filter). It seems I am missing the code which speficy the query/filter (columns, operators).

Also I saw a “filter property” in the search result portlet which admit an expression. I failed to specify a correct filter (including using a filter control).

Well, I need some help and advice.

Best regards.


Let me ask a quick question. When you created your new Portlet Application Project, did you use the Search Application Template?



It’s an empty project template.


I’d recommend at least trying a quick prototype using that Template. It will save you a lot of time and should also help to provide as a guide about how to ensure communication between the two portlets.


Well, I discard for a moment the wiring approach and use a filter input control. It works fine, but I tried to follow the instruction to filter the entire table.

From the Caf Development help:
“This sample is similar to Filtered Table (Current Page), but in the New Content Provider
wizard (step 1), the developer sets the table model’s “filterable” property to true and
configures a binding-expression that produces the text for each row against which to
filter (for example “#{row.name} #{row.description}”).”

When I am creating the content provider from a IS service, I select “Basic Updateable Table” or “Large Table”, but any “filterable” property is shown.

Best regards.

Just because Designer creates a specific content provider for you doesn’t mean that you can’t go back and create a new one.