Customize/Recreate Optimize portlets


I’m creating some portlets (actually recreate some of the optimize (process instances) ) in order to fit exactly the user requirement.

So I recreated the search and result portlets, in order to have more search fields.
But for the result portlet, I would like to have the same behavior than the current one, that mean to have a link (icon) opening the new page with the detail of the process instance. (or even better open this page in a new MWS tab)

I cannot find much information about that in the documentation :

  • is it done with a portlet link ?
  • Do I need to have a different approach (knowing that I will also need I think to change also some portlet in those page)

I have also an another small question. IS there a java/jsf way to access optimize db (without using IS).
I currently using custom code/librairy to get the Optimize data, but maybe librairies exists already.

Thank you