CAF Popup Model samples

I have client you would like to have a help system applied to they table header and data columns for selected codes. I’m able to create the header popup by binding data objects from the web service call during the request cycle. I would like to reuse the header popup and just filter base on the data with in the column. So I would like to add a url that will pass the data to the popup table using the table filter in CAF model javascript. But I need to understand how to use the javascript CAF.Popup.Model library as well. An example of this would great.

I was able create link and set Client-side event property to the following

 /* Java Script Block */
var pu_popname = CAF.model('#{activePageBean.clientIds["popupname"]}');
var htmlOutputColName = CAF.model('#{activePageBean.clientIds["htmlOutputColName"]}');
var value = htmlOutputColname.getValue();
CAF.model("#{activePageBean.clientIds['asyncCRITLCD']}").filter(value);"click", "click", htmlOutputColName) ;

This allows me to click on the data in column and it filters on both columns in my popup table.

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So now I have a new issue. How can I filter on the code column only?

Thanks for the code snippet. Would it be possible to provide a small little example app that i could use?