Cache results during longer

Hello All,

I have an service with Cache Results to True and Cache Expire to 60 minutes.

The service run correctly(duration 40ms), but for the moment the service is so long(duration 15-20 seconds).
The time between these runs is variable.

I checked the service and found that when the data is in the cache the service takes longer but not on all calls but only on certain.

The cache is not full (configure to 1000 and I have 441 entries).

Have you ever encountered this problem?


Hi @Alexandre_Feburier ,
Caching a service result should immediately get the service results without needing to go through the flow steps.
Please note that cached service results are only returned if the inputs to the service match as well.

You mentioned that your service takes anywhere between 40ms and 20seconds to execute. Are there any external calls being made from within that service that result in varied execution times? I would focus more on the service in question to really figure out the reason for the delay ( may not be related to caching at all)

On a side note:
A simple test to demonstrate caching is by having a service sleep for n seconds and printing out the time before and after sleep.
Sample flow :

sleep for 5seconds 

With caching enabled , on repeated runs you can clearly observe that the service ran in less than 5 seconds( < sleepTime).


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