REST APIs are taking longer time to process or execute

Overall Issue:

Hi Folks,

We are using Rest APIs v1 in our project, now we are facing the REST APIs slowness issues and it’s taking more time to process/execute the request.

In the REST APIs mostly we are calling the database queries/stored procs, but we checked with our DB team - queries and procs are executing in lesser time.

Due to the slowness of REST APIs, in our product, some of the pages are not loading properly because API is taking more execution time.

, For example, - A couple of APIs are taking more than **30-40 or 40-50 seconds to execute and finish the process, sometime it will increase up to 1-2 minutes as well.

Could you please let us know how we can improve the REST API’s performance so that it will take minimal time to process the request or how we can fix the slowness issue?

Your quick turnaround is highly appreciated.

Isolate the execution durations of the child services, by enabling the service auditing feature on multiple child services, on a lower environment. You can then lookup the API execution entry on MWS for a parent service, and then drill down into the child execution durations.

Once you narrow this down, then it becomes easier to investigate the issue.

Often people end up looking outside the code right from the start, such as the JVM or GC or Heap, but there’s a high chance that the issue lies with the code or thread limits.


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Please take few thread dumps (few seconds apart) for your JVM when this issue surfaces. Thread dump may allow you to identify what may be contributing to the delay in the execution of these services.


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@Yogesh_Maheshwari Also it would be helpful if you could provide more details on the version, fix levels that you are on. Please do let know which version of webMethods Integration Server you are using and what fix level you are on. Have you tried using the Rest API Descriptors for your REST APIs? As Kalpesh mentioned, taking the thread dumps would definitely let know what is causing the delay. Also, you can provide GC Logs just to rule out that any other GC config issue here.


Hello Yogeshwar,
Can you provide some details below.

  1. Version of IS rest services were created.
  2. IS the slowness observed after migrating to new version of IS or Fix upgrade.
  3. Is RAD created for these resources.
  4. Some details on the Request URL, method and request payload.