C8y-stepper (onStepChange method) does not work after upgrading to 1015.0.422

Product/components used and version/fix level:

BACKEND: 1015.0.455
UI: 1015.0.452

@c8y/client”: “1015.0.452”,
@c8y/ngx-components”: “1015.0.452”,

Detailed explanation of the problem:

We are currently upgrading all of our custom web applications from 1011.0.17 to 1015.0.452, inclusive of an upgrade from Angular 11 to Angular 12. We have noticed a bug likely introduced in the ngx-components package.

Our client’s application relies on the c8y-stepper component to provide navigation, (navigating a hierarchy within their application). We use the (onStepChange) Event Emitter to trigger a method which navigates the UI.

Since upgrading to 1015.0.452 we have noticed this method no longer gets called and clicking on the step header button no longer triggers the Emitter. This is problematic, as this is the main way the user navigates through the interface.

We were able to easily replicate this behaviour by scaffolding the tutorial app on 1015.0.452 using c8ycli and setting a console message:


This method never gets called, however it works fine with the tutorial app scaffolded on 1011.0.17.

As we are upgrading fairly soon it would be good if we could have feedback on this.
I do see a very similar forum post dated July 2022: C8y tutorial app does not fire (onStepChange)

In this case it seemed the user was not aware the step-header button needed to be pressed, or they never followed up on the issue…

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log file:


Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

Production (customer)

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