Version Migration issue

I am trying to install cumulocity cockpit version 1014.0.213, but getting the webpack error after run the npm start command.

I followed the below step:

  1. c8ycli new cockpit -a @c8y/apps@1014.0.213
  2. Navigate into the project and run the npm install
  3. Then run npm start.

Then I got the 578 webpack error, i.e:
ERROR in node_modules/webpack/types.d.ts:6702:1 - error TS1128: Declaration or statement expected.

Looking for the help to fix this issue.

The issue should have been fixed in newer fix versions e.g. 1014.0.330.

You can try removing the @types/webpack dependency and see if that fixes it for you also on the older 1014.0.213 version.
You may also need to add the "skipLibCheck": true to the compilerOptions of the tsconfig.json.

yes webpack error is fixed when I use version 1014.0.330, but still the complete UI is not rendered.


You probably have seen a message like No application for URI: upgrade-new and tenant ID....
As you are using a different name than the default apps for your application you have to build and deploy it first to the environment you are developing against.

The message should disappear then and the app should work as expected.


When I install lodash in c8y 1014.0.330, its give the error in console and UI not rendering.
here I attached the SS.

I have migrated Cumulocity version 1014.0.330, but the branding css is not called, in place of brandig css the generic-component.less is called, but I need the branding css.

Kindly help.


with the small amount of information you’ve provided it is not easy to help…

During local development you will see the stylesheets from the @c8y/style package referenced as less files, so you can easily identify the files you may need to make changes to.
Once you do a production build of your project these will be compiled into a single css file which would be called branding.<hash>.css.

If you for whatever reason still need the branding file, you can also run the local development server in production mode like this:

c8ycli server  --env.mode=production

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