C1 OnRamp ERROR Expected record to contain an Envelope in envelope field

Hi Rangoon,

I have a similar requiremnt, customer send me a xCBL 2.0document ( http://…/wm.tn/receive ). I need to convert that to another XML.
Plz let me know the way, how I can start this…
Do I need to install comerce one adapter for xCBL parsing ?
Is it possible to work without C1 adapter

Thanks in advance…

For communicating WM with xCBL documents and doing request/response/recognizing/doctypes yes you may need C1 Adapter(CommerceOneOnRamp)this installes WmMarketConnect,Samples packages etc…

But once it is recognized and processed internally then parsing xCBL to internal format is the nextstep.



Thanks for your information.
I will be dealing with only 3 types of doc types in my proj.
PO,Orderstatusrequest and Orderstatusresponse.
As these xCBl is also a type of xml, .I was thinkning that without using the Commerce Once adpater also we can work. Plesse let me if i am wrong.