C++ Broker Client


I am obliged to use the Broker method for integrating a C++ client to WebMethods Pub/Sub.

I have a set of libraries from my customer - one of which is awc_static.lib. I can get my client to compile, but linking against this library is not possible as it’s 64-bit and I need to keep my application as 32-bit (on a 64-bit Windows OS).

Did SoftwareAg ever release 32 bit versions of these libraries?



Hi Stan,

Attached are Broker C 32-bit libraries for Windows. Remove the “.dump” suffix. This is multi-part zip file, so should have name Broker_C_API_WIN_x32.zip.001, Broker_C_API_WIN_x32.zip.002 so on.

These are from one of the build that should get you started. For proper support, you should have a Broker C API installation on one 32-bit Windows machine, apply patches, and then pick the required libraries from install/Broker/lib.

Broker_C_API_WIN_x32.zip.001.dump (2 MB)


Broker_C_API_WIN_x32.zip.002.dump (2 MB)
Broker_C_API_WIN_x32.zip.003.dump (2 MB)

Broker_C_API_WIN_x32.zip.004.dump (2 MB)
Broker_C_API_WIN_x32.zip.005.dump (133.9 KB)

HI Sandeep,

Thanks so much. For some reason I never received a notice of your message. My apologies.