OS/390 C ACI server

Hi All,
I am trying to port a C aci server which I wrote on Windows to the mainframe running IMS. It’s only function is to register to broker and provide an interface to a third party “dll” which too has been written in c.
On windows I need access to broker32.lib, for which I cannot find an equivalent on MVS. I have been told that broker services are available, but I wouldn’t know how to verify that.

Is there someone who has done something similar and would supply me with compile, link and execution JCL or at least could tell me which steplibs/modules to include in my JCL?


On my machine, the documentation for this shows up at C:\Program Files\Software AG\EntireX\Docu\admin\os390\stubs.htm

The specific stub you will link with your program will depend on where the program is to execute in and whether or not you are using SVC or TCP to call the Broker. For IMS, you will need to use either the BROKER stub or MPPETB.

The stubs are found in the EXXvrs.LOAD library - the actual name will depend on your installation’s naming conventions.