C# Api for webM broker


I’m new to the forum and could really use everyone’s help. I’ve been working with WM for almost a year now and we use it quite heavily with high volume and fairly complex business processes.

i’ve been put on a project to migrate our environment from 6.5 to 8.0.1 which consists of IS/Broker mainly. We have one large C# client that uses the awnet61.dll. Which appears to be a wrapper around SoftwareAg’s com library but i can’t find any documentation on it.
I’ve been looking at the 8.0 C# clients and there now appears to be a webMethods.Msg.dll library we’re supposed to use but its completely different than what is currently provided. Looks like the old version of the dll managed the broker client factories/connections internally. and the new version requires us to create these manually?

any help would be greatly appreciated!!!