By-passing IS to use Optimize

In the document i have read the following "The Web Services DCA itself is a Web service. It provides an interface to Optimize through which client programs can send Optimize operational data about applications or equipment in your enterprise"Is there any way that we can keep IS out of the monitoring work. i.e. the various dca’s send the data directly to th Analysis database and the IS is no where in the picture.Please advice URGENT!!Gautam

Once you configure a webservices DCA, you can send data from any client to the available web services. You don’t need to have an IS running.

Ofcourse I am still struggling to find a way to define a process definition in Optimize without using Modeler. But, it should not matter where you send data from once the WS DCA is configured. Please refer to “Configuring and using web services Agent” section in the Optimize administrator’s guide.

Thanks for the valuable inputs Aneel. I will surely look into it. Till then keep posting any new things you get to know regarding this matter