This may be a very basic question. But, I am not very clear from the docs. what is the relation between Optimize and modeler? Is it necessary to have Business model defined in modeler to be able to use Optimize ?


Modeler relates is BPM and Optimize/Portal relates to BAM(Business Active Monitoring via Satellite,Controller,Agents)…And your generated Process Models/workflows and other IS services, systems can be controlled via Optimize BAM.



Thanks for the reply.

Our client doesn’t use either Modeler or Workflow. They have a bunch of IS packages/flow services which mainly use broker and JMS Adapter to do communication with weblogc app server. They want to gain visibility into their integration process using Optimize BAM. Is this possible using Optimize? Is it the intended purpose?

Does manager fit into this scenario anywhere ?


Optimize BAM/Manager(Satellite,Controller,Agents) does the job that you are looking for the visibility and IS system monitoring in the Integration process.


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I am an webMethods beginer, but I think you can use optimize without Modeler. This is what I try to do, by calling the datacollector webServices.

You can try to do it byusing glue, or by creating a web service client with developper.

I was wondering the same thing. Is it possible to use Optimize BAM to create metrics of our Flow Services/ IS 7.1.1?

Can it be use for external application also?

Francisco Pereira