How it works NJXOptimizeService

I implemented a project in NJX with balancers in JBoss, and I want to exploit the profits NJXOptimizeService but I get information on how to do it.

Have some knowledge about it.

JBOSS5/NJX : RedHat 5
ADABAS/Natural/NWO : AIX 6.1

Thanking you in advance

I assume you are running NJX 8.1 ?

There is a installation description in the NJX 8.2 documentation

But this is of no use “standalone”, it requires Optimize for Infrastructure.

I have NJX 8.2,

It implements the NJXOptimizeService and I have the check.


Now as I can see or how I can monitor NJX with this tool.


as I said, you will need Optimize for Infrastructure

NJXOptimizeService will deliver monitoring information to Optimize.