Business Connector behind local network

I’m trying to configure BC/JCo server connection which is over WAN.
It has own global IP address. SAP server is in local
network it could communicate with other SAP servers behind
local network via saprouter. I’ve configured outbound connection
from Connector it could access SAP and call some RFC. But
when I try to use outside Connector as server SAP can’t call
it. Coud someone tell how to configure BC, SAP or saprouter?

Hi all
I would like to set up a VAN connection with one of our customer to put our documents in it. What are the necessary information we would need in webMethods point of view to set up a new VAN connection. Iam completely new in setting up a VAN connection. Plz help. Any related doc would help.

For connect to a VAN provider you will need Mailbox name or directories assigned by the provider, InterchangeSenderID,ReceiverID,GS sender/receiverid’s if needed,message type,authorization credentials etc…I believe you must have already created account with your VAN provider say GXS/Inovis/Sterling etc… to send/receive and interconnect documents with your TP.

Also in the WmEDIForTN package there are some VANftp services which you use.



Connection is not yet established. We need to start a new connection. The Van we want to use is OB10. Does the VAn has anything to do with the standard format of the document we send.

Thanks for your help.