Building up a SOA, where to Start

Hi everybody,

I’ve got the following scenario, for which i need an integration solution.

3 different applications (enterprises).

I should use webMethods Fabric 7.1 as BPMS tool and build up an service oriented architecture with webservices for all three applications (enterprises)

The problem is, that I’m new to webMethods Fabric 7.1 (BPMS) and not sure where to start.
I read a lot of documentation from the advantage site but I’m still a little bit confused.

Following tasks already done:

I have analyzed all 3 enterprises, I desigend a model in Visio and set up all technical interfaces
for the webservices. I’m ready to integrate but I don’t know really where to start.

Following assumption I made:

  • To connect the application to the BPMS I need an adapter, then the BPMS process information and creates a webservice so that others can access this service (SOA)?
  • I don’t need a broker cause information/documents are exchanged by the webservices?
  • Do I have to integrate the business logic of the applications to the BPMS (service logic)?

I don’t need a finished solution only some advice or hints how I can integrate my scenario, documentation you recommend for this task or where to start.
thank you in advance