Building a scriot from template


How can I read a script template, fill it with the accurate parametrers & submit it?

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That depends on a number of things

  • Does your template file reside on the Linux file system, or is it a Natural Text object ?

  • What does “submit” mean, are you running the script from inside Natural, or are you passing it on to a job scheduler ?

In broad terms

  • READ WORK to retrieve the template
  • EXAMINE REPLACE to adjust the template’s code
  • WRITE WORK to create the customized script
  • CALL ‘SHCMD’ … to execute the new script

I have both cases, some script in natural text and some reside on Linux file system.
And same here, running under a scheduler and running indise Natural.
I am using ‘usr1052n’ for running script form Linux file system.
Can you post some examples for both cases?