Triggering batch process or ksh scripts from natural environ

The request is the following:
what are the recommandations to trigger batch programs or Unix scripts from Natural applications?
Does it exist adhoc programs that helps to manage the job submission and control?

The minimum requirement is that the management of each request (to start batch or scripts) is traced (submit, start, stop, success, failure, …).

The nice to have is the possibility to follow and control the submitted requests.

The more control you want over the process, the more you get into a position where you’ll need to think about implementing a job scheduler.

There are a number of them available for Unix/Linux platforms, Entire Operations being one of them.

We eneded up writing a Dialog which displays the Adabas User Queue - it does not give much information but it will allow the users to display the jobs running and to delete (flush) their own jobs or online sessions.

If you hear of a good product for Windows please let us know.

Could please give some info regarding the Scheduler available for HP-Unix Batch scheduling ? Thank you.

Depends on what you need. If you want something simple and free, take a look at

Its purpose is a bit different (distributed computing / scheduling in cluster configurations), nevertheless it’s great stuff for single machine ad-hoc scheduling as well !

my favorite “open source” job-scheduler is


It is available for hp-ux as well as for windows and other -nixe.