Build deployment problems

We are encountering problems with deployment of our CAF application.

For example, when we include the shells we developed into the build, the PowerDrillShell (which is the one our shells are inheriting from) is messed up on the target server. The Power Drill Header section doesn’t exist anymore.

Another example this morning, our portal pages structure has been depoyed under “Tasks Fabric”, but some pages have been duplicated in folders that they don’t belong to.
After this deployment, we checked the rules (shell, login page, skin, …) and we had the big surprise of having the skin rule deployed in the shell rules section, login page rule into the skin rule, and so on.
The rules were in their appropriate section, but also elsewhere, generating 500 Errors (classCastexception…).
Removing “extra” rules solves the problem, but here is the question :

Can we really trust the wmdeployer tool.
We have the 7.1.2 version.

Thanks in advance for any idea…

Hi Sebastien,
first I would check that you have the latest fixes for the Deployer. A lot or work and fixes have gone into it.
But, unfortunately, this is too complex to be handled in a forum post. I would recommend you to go to support and get help from them.

One question though… have you tried to see what happens when you try to deploy single items (only one shell). There may be a problem in one of the components you want to deploy, and this may affect all other components. Leaving out that component may make it easier to find a solution.

best regards,

Hi Javier,
Thank you for your answer. Since my post, we actually found out that there are differences in terms of fixes between both platforms.
We’ll arrange this and we’ll see.

For information, we have the deployer version 7.1.2 Fix 9. Is it the most recent ?
The fix hasn’t been installed on our other platform.

Then I’ll try your idea of deploying by pieces.
Thanks again.