Browse Data - stores resource module on server (mainframe)

Here’s an overview of the set up.
Server is mainframe.
DDMs are populated in a single library, which is steplibed to the whole world.
Browse Data works fine. Yay.
We are able to define a natural data browser report, run the report, and have fun with the output.

Here’s the rub.
When we click Finish on the window to define our data browser report, N1 tries to logon to the DDM library on the mainframe to save a module with the module type Resource. We get an error saying “LONGONUS 2256 NAT0807 Logon to this library is not permitted.”
I click OK and am able to run the report, save the template etc.

When we give me logon access to the DDM library and go through this process, no error and a natural Resource module named R0000001 comes into existence in the DDM library on the server/mainframe.

I have not been able to find a purpose for R0000001. Ran a parallel test in another LPAR where I do not have access to the DDM library. I am able to save, run and modify data browser report.

As they are wont to do, the DBA does not want to grant access to the DDM library to everyone and does not want the presumably useless R0000001 to be saved in the mainframe library.

I searched the documentation for a way to tell N1 that we don’t want to save R0000001 on the server, but came up with nothing.

Any ideas?