Broker Server List

please let me no if there is any service/method to find the list of broker servers on the Integration server in the webMethods Broker API .

i no that there is a serveice called getServerList but i am not looking for that
i want a service in the API

the service getStats(); in the webMethods Broker API gets an arrayoutput in which there are lot of fields that it gets.
what am i supposed to do if i want them only field by field


are there any services in the webMethods Broker API that gets these details individually

I guess the getStats returns the BrokerEvent.You can use the getField method in BrokerEvent and get these fields indivually.


Puneet Verma

Is there any service in the Broker API that only takes (BrokerServer/BrokerHost and BrokerName)these 2 parameters and returns the Client ID and The Client Group of that Particular Broker alone.

These ( BrokerServer/BrokerHost ,BrokerName, Client Group ,Client ID)are the parameters that are needed to find the Document on Queue.
This uses the service getQueueLength(); from Broker Client Class.