broker patch version

Hi !

How to check how Broker is patched ? Where to find information like SP3 Fix6 ?




In the IS Administrator page, select the about button , then you could all the information about the latest updates done

but About button in IS tells information about IS patch level not Broker patch level !


As far as I know, it gives all the information of any service packs or updates done IS as a whole.

You could go to the Broker Admin page and check there if get any details about service packs or updates.


webMethods Broker Administrator → About provide information about webMethods Broker Administrator package version not about Broker patch level, and fix packs, i can’t find this important information on IS About, wm Broker Administrator About page, so WHERE it is ???

Hi phudak,
Open the developer and click on the WmBrokerAdmin Package and press f4 button. This opens WmBrokerAdmin window there you can view all the information (Package Version,Build,JVM version,also patchnumber and Patch history). It shows the patch number and patch history only if there is any patch number or history. Hope this helps you.

Hi Phudak

Jay is right , u could get all the updates which might have been done to your broker and it solves u’r problem


Hi jeevanrego, jaya0313

unfortunetly I’m not interested about package WmBrokerAdmin(and package patch history) but about Broker Server(or Logical brokers) patch and fix level. What I’ve heared this information is hidden and you can get it only when you compare binary files with known Broker Server (patch and fix level) binaries.

Where is information about Broker Server patch/fix level ?

Hi phudak,
Are you sure that a broker server has patches and fixes? What does known broker server mean is it the default brokerserver running on the host?

I’m definitely sure Broker Server has patches/fixes - what I known one of ours is SP3 Fix6, but where can I find it ???

How do you know that you broker server has SP3 Fix 6? Where did you checked that? Normally updates are installed under updates folder.

broker server updates inside /updates directory ? oh no, maybe you mean IS updates …

i just know binaries which i get and recovered inside environment were sp3 fix6, if i know where it is i’m not going to ask you people for help hm

How did you get or recovered those binaries from inside the environment???

There is no way to look at the installed broker and get patch history. The same is true for the IS server although you can get part of it from the about page but not all.

Unfortunately webMethods does not have a consistent patching strategy across all product lines. They are working to make that better and have made some improvements especially with 6.5.

Your infrastructure ops folks or your architect should be keeping track of what patches have been applied to what enviroments. I use a spreadsheet, others use other things. You should ask them for the patch history to find out what you need. If they don’t know, you need to hire new ops folks. :wink:

thanks griffima, that is what I was looking for !

I don’t know where the official broker version is stored, but here are a few clues re broker server version, for what they are worth.

\wm6\Broker folder contains a readme whose title is indicative, eg. mine shows:
Broker_ProgramFiles_6-1_SP3_README.html (for 6.1)
BrokerJMS65_SP1_readme.htm (for 6.5)

Also, the Broker Server tab on WmBrokerAdmin shows 012705 for 6.1/SP3 091505 for 6.5/SP1

Also, when I try to download a Broker SP with installer, the component is grayed out, indicating that it is already installed.
There must be a better way to identify the version.

The command-line tool, broker_status (in broker/bin), provides a version number. Not sure how it is updated as service packs and fixes are applied though.

Hi Phudak
You can find the patches and SP’s applied to the Broker server through WmBrokerAdmin package. It displays the SP’s and Fixes under version tab. If you’ve the Broker installed on Unix, then you can also view the broker version using the command “/Broker/bin/awbroker -version”.

Try checking under Package->Management->WmBrokerAdmin. There is some information with regard to patches applied.

Hi all,

indeed a Broker Server has a SP level and a Fix level, but they are not presented in clear text prior to 6.5.x.

So you need to open the Broker Administrator and check for the Broker Server Page. At the very right end there is a version number combined with a release date, which contain all the informations you need.

Latest known Levels for currently supported releases are:
Broker 6.1 SP3 Fix6:
Broker 6.1 SP3 Fix8:
Broker 6.1 SP3 Fix9:
Broker 6.1 SP3 Fix10:
Broker 6.1 SP3 Fix11:
Broker 6.5 SP2:
Broker 6.5 SP2 Fix1:
Broker 6.5 SP2 Fix2:
Broker 6.5 SP2 Fix3: