broker patch version

i tried to search advantage for getting information about how we can get broker patch version. i found one where webMethods replied saying we need to execute awbroker -version this would return us some thing like “Version 122804” if we send it back to wemethods they will tell us which patch is installed for this broker.

this is really strange. there should be a better way of finding it.


Hi Venkat,

unfortunately there is no way in IS 6.1 to get this information in clear text except by monitoring when you installed which fix and comparing their numbers.

Here are the newest ones:
Broker 6.1 SP3 Fix12:
Broker 6.5 SP2 Fi4:


BTW… Which version of the broker/IS you are using.

MAY be the readme file of the fix will tell you more.


Do you know How can we get this version number using Broker Java API ?


please try BrokerMonitorClient.getVersion(), BrokerMonitorClient.getVersionNumber() and BrokerClient.getBrokerServerVersion().

Details can be found in the Broker_Client_Java_API_Programmers_Guide available in the Bookshelf on Advantage.