broker details do not show up in a DSP page!

Hi all,
I have created a DSP page which invokes a service which would fetch me some details about the brokers running on the server. This service invokes “” in one of its flow step. The output of this service is captured in the same DSP page. For some users it shows the details but for some it does not.

The “” service has an execute ACL of BrokerAdministrators. Though the users who invoke the DSP page are a member of this ACL, still the page would not show the results.

Worse still, while the service executes for one user on one server, it does not work for the same user with same privileges on another server(The service is available on both the servers).

Why is it so? Any thoughts? Would really appreciate your help.


After a lot of research I found the solution to this problem. It has nothing to do with the ACL. The users who want to monitor the broker servers should log into WmBrokerAdmin and add those broker servers using the add known broker server list.