Broker Client Queue Depth


Is there a way using the BrokerAdmin Java API to get the queue depths of all the broker clients?

I am currently geting this information using service. But, I want to have a solution that runs outside the Integration Server in order to monitor the state of the broker.

I did try BrokerAdminClient.getClientInfosById method. But it seems like the BrokerClientInfo object doesn’t have the required information.

Thanks in Advance,

The java api works great for this purpose and you can run it as a standalone app. The java api docs that come with the broker go into detail about the api and what to use.

In a nutshell , look at the BrokerAdminClient and BrokerEvent. There are some methods like getClientStatsById that will get you headed in the right direction.

Thanks Mark. That is helpful.

Sorry for deviating from the topic.
Do we have any option to use a comman/file to find the queue depth through unix console / shell script ?

like broker_status I meant…unfortunately broker_status does not display current queue depth :frowning:

if you could share your thoughts, then it would be great


The API is going to be your best bet. Not aware of any command line interfaces into the broker without going through the API.