Broker API Jar Info

I am trying to develop some of the custom API for Broker data related thing for my project.
For that i need to access the following class.

import COM.activesw.API.client.BrokerAdminClient;
import COM.activesw.API.client.BrokerClient;
import COM.activesw.API.client.BrokerException;
import COM.activesw.API.client.BrokerEvent;

Can any one please share me the Jar(most probably COM.Jar) to access those class mentioned above.

Thanks and Regards
Abir Banerjee

Did you find something at \Broker\lib folder…?

I found the jar file required for this. “wmbrokerclient.jar” inside the Broker/lib directory.
Thanks Mahesh for the info.

Newer Releases of wM will have a copy of this jar under common/lib also.

Might be that it will completely move to the common/lib-folder in one of the next releases.


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