Broker Administrator Identity vs Broker Server Identity

Trying to lockdown the admin client group using SSL, but having issues with the correlation between the Broker Administrator Identity and the Broker Server Identity. Here are the steps:

  1. Using openssl, creating the broker server and admin client certificate keystores.
  2. Set the Identity of the BrokerAdministrator using the admin.ks
  3. Set the Identity of the Broker Server using the brokerServer.ks
  4. At this point I’m locked out of doing anything on the Broker Server.

I’ve tried to set the Identity of the Broker Server to the admin.ks as well without any luck. This seems very simple, and I’m sure I am missing something obvious (webmethods documentation is not helpful), but any help would be appreciated.

What version of the broker are you using?

When you set the identities, are you setting any ACLs?