Broker Adapter not displayed

hi iam using webmethods 6.1 version
i am getting one problem while using broker admin
i am not getting any adapters in the panel
if i click on adapters it says no adapters.
can any one please assist me to rectify this problem.



You mean in the WmBrokerAdmin homepage section?? or is it in the ISAdmin page Adapters section??

Which adapters are you referring to?? Also you can make sure this under the Management packages are listed there and in enabled state or not.Only when enabled you will see the Adapters listed there.


thanks for the reply.
i am getting the problem in WmBrokerAdmin homepage section.
in that page, if u check there is an option adapters and if i click on that it says no adapters for selection.
help me to sort out this problem

Are the other links (on the left hand side panel) working fine on the WmBrokerAdmin page?? like Broker Servers etc…

It could also be no Adapters installed on the IS/Broker and the message prompts is valid?? What adapters you expected to see there??


all the other links are working fine.
i installed jdbc driver using classes12.jar file. but no adapters were displayed when i click on adapters.