JMS Adapter link does not appear on Admin page

I have installed the JMS 6.1 version on IS 6.1
The link for JDBC adapters appears on the adapters tab, but the JMS adapter link does not appear.
what may be the reason.


Hi Gautam,

this is a known installation issue:

JMS Adapter is missing some “javax.jms.*” classes.

Please copy <WM_ROOT>/Broker/lib/jms.jar to <WM_ROOT>/IntegrationServer/packages/WmJMSAdapter/code/jars/

and reload the JMS-Adapter from the IS Admin under “Packages -> Management”.

On this page you should see that the JMS Adapter is not loaded properly and why, unless you do the copy I described above.

Depending on your JNDI/JMS-Provider you might need to add additional jars to the adapter. Check the documentation of the provider(s) for details.

Please check for Fixes for JMS Adapter 6.1, as there were some issues reporting againts WebLogic, WebSphere and other JMS Providers.
Latest Fix I know of is JMS_6-1_Fix9.


Thanks a lot for the help