I unable to open WmBrokerAdmin page


At Internet Explorer URL When I placed
link. “HTTP 404 Not Found” message appearing.I want to add brokers to Brokerserver by using WmBrokerAdmin page, Please help me to solve this problem to view the WmBrokerAdmin page.

your advise should be appreciated.

Ravi kumar

WmBrokerAdmin is not installed on IS 6.5 or later. Is it listed in your IS packages and enabled?


PLease Install WmBrokerAdmin on IS.


Didnt you have to have “My webMethods Server” in v6.5 instead of wMBrokerAdmin for GUI purposes ?


Clarification: The My webMethods Broker UI was introduced at 6.5.2. Earlier 6.5 versions still use WmBrokerAdmin.

Thanks a lot Rob.

HI Mark,

Thanks for your reply.

:confused:I am working on WM7.0, I already installed Broker administrator and enabled WmAdmin package in IS. But still Broker admin page not displayed.


The package would be WmBrokerAdmin, not WmAdmin.