Broker 6.5.2 compatibility wiht IS 6.1 SP2

Hi All,

We are in the process of upgrading our envs in production. Because the env is quite large and many IS and Broker are involved we are taking stager approach for this.

Therefore we want to upgrade Broker first and then ISs eventually. As it’s impossible for us to upgrade all ISs in one hit there will be time when we’ll have to run Broker version 6.5.2 with IS 6.1 SP2.

Can anyone(preferably WM) confirm whether this product versions are compatible with each other or not? Better if you point me to document where I can find this info.

I’ve tried reading, Installation guide, Admin guide, Product Read me and many other document to find this cross product compatibility table but no luck. So I appreciate your help on this one ASAP.

Thanks all in advance.

Ashish Patel

Hi Ashish,

you should find this information in the upgrade Section of the Bookshelf.

Broker 6.5.2 is compatible with IS 6.1 SP2.

Make sure you have the most recent JavaAPI installed (which is Broker 6.1 SP3 Fix8 for IS 6.1 SP2).

If you want to use the new features of Broker 6.5.2 like separated storage sessions for Config and Transient Broker Data, you need to install the new Brokers separately from the existing ones.

Afterwards you can change the IS-Config to point to the new Broker (IS-Restart required).


Thanks Holger for quick info.

I did have a look at upgrade section of bookshelf, couldn’t find any information on compatibility. I guess this compatibility matrix is important to all regardless whether they are upgradding or not, if they have been using WM for long enough to have all version of it.

Thanks Again,


We do have a setup in test with … IS 6.1 SP2 and Broker 6.5.2…
No issues so far with compatibility…
Event sharing or anything