Backward Compatibility

We currently have webMethods 6.0.2 installed and are considering upgrading to 6.1.5. We are primarily interested in the enhancements made to the Workflow Server. Are we required to upgrade the Broker and Integration Server to 6.1.5 if we upgrade the Workflow Server? I have not been able to find any documentation that explains backward compatibility with regard to this matter. Any help is appreciated.



Refer the article: Article ID: 1611542133

Please let me know, if you find more information on this issue. I have same doubt regarding migration.

Anil K Atyam

You’ll have to confirm all of this with webMethods tech support but I think you will be okay.

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at this but I’m pretty certain the later releases of webMethods Workflow no longer makes use of the broker to maintain state… so the question becomes, are there issues with the versioning between the latest Workflow server and Enterprise server when publishing documents directly to the broker?

Unless you’re on an extremely old version of Enterprise now (which you probably aren’t if you’re on Workflow 6.0.2), then I’m doubtful there were any changes with the API interface that might change the interaction between WF and Broker… and don’t think they’re using an unpublished api as part of a simple pub/sub exchange with the broker. Pretty much the same goes for IS.

I haven’t worked with this in a while so, as mentioned above, you should confirm with webMethods tech support before proceeding.

Hope this is helpful.