broken LINK

Guys, it’s frustrating… After some logic I’m linking input variable with the output variable. The value is not transferred for some reason. Here is the list of the things I tried:

  1. Verified the output variable is actually declared in output section.
  2. The input variable actually holds the value before the link step - it does.
  3. Tried to step in the linking procedure - the value is just not passed, no any insights.
  4. Inserted “pub.string:concat” step between the in- and out- variables (also hardcoded concatenated string to see if it will be linked to the output variable): the value is lost BEFORE the concatenation, the hardcoded part is transferred to the output value - that means there is something wrong with the feeding the input variable to the link step.
  5. Unfortunately code is not available to actually see how the input variable passes it’s value to the link step.
  6. Tried to find and change properties of the input variable, there are not many, not relevant, and not available for the edit.

Anyone has some insights? I would appreciate any.

Thanks a bunch.

What is the Java type of the Object being mapped and the Field Type defined in the left and right side of the map?

It is possible that if there is a Type or Dimensionality mismatch the value is not being mapped. You can use pub.flow:tracePipeline to get a dump of every key/value pair in the pipeline and each value’s Java type.


Thank you Fred,

You know what happened? I received a flow that I tried to get to work, and it was functioning except for this link. When I reviewed the link one more time I noticed they use different name for the variable in the flow and in the result panes. It turned out that didn’t cause any problems for the variable itself (it was holding and showing the value), however it broke the link. Just mere renaming the variable fixed the problem.

Thank you for your help.

However, I did tried to use the pub.flow:tracePipeline, probably utilized it in a wrong way. Could you please describe how to use it? Thank you a lot.

Regards, Andrey.