Branding how to config an image as background for web app

Product/components used and version/fix level:

UI version : 1016.0.214
App Builder: V2.0.0

Detailed explanation of the problem:

With app builder, the styling of new application are available to config different color for different layout.
Is it possible to upload an image as background for html body ?

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

Free trial


It is not possible from User Interface. However you can download source and customize app builder to include your image as background for html body.
you can do that my modifying css in index.less file.

Thanks Darpan,
Further question for your reply.
How can I add ${application.ID} into tag ?
Because I want to customize different background or styling for different app .

You need to do custom implementation for that.
You can go through existing branding implementation here.

In theory, you may need to do following:

  • Store your image file in file repository. (May be provide upload file option. same like app Icon).
  • Write custom code to store file Id in app.applicationBuilder.branding. object. (refer existing implementation for appicon here
  • write dynamic css in branding.service.ts file.

Thanks Darpan,
Follow your suggestion, I add background image configuration for the branding.
The background image will be apply to ‘mcontainer’ layout.

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