How to inherit branding


I made an app using
(# c8ycli [app] cockpit.)
But this app doesn’t have the branding that I set up.
Is there an easy way to transplant branding?


Branding feature is part of Enterprise Tenant. Do you have Enterprise Tenant?
Trail tenant do not have this feature by default.
For more info-

hope, it will help.

Thanks Gyan.
We’ve already created Branding in the top Enterprise Tenant.

This branding looks normal in Cockpit, Device Management, and Administration.
But it doesn’t apply to apps we made ourselves with the command {c8ycli [app] cockpit}.

Is there a way to solve this?

Cockpit App

Our Own App

How are you trying to do that? Ideally when you deploy the application which is extended from some default application. It should adopt the branding of tenant.

Hi Gyan,
I’m sorry I didn’t explain well.

First picture, the yellow one, is applied our branding. And it is default App(cockpit)

But we built our own Cockpit App, for adding some widgets.
Using [c8ycli new APPNAME cockpit].
And it show us, default cumulocity branding.

Like this app.

I just want to adopt our own branding to our new cockpit application.
Thank you.

Hi, Gyan.
I solve this with [c8ycli build --app.dynamicOptionsUrl=“/apps/public/public-options/options.json”].
I didn’t add the optionUrl.

Thanks for your help!

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